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Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Make Your Great Animation With CrazyTalk Animator


CrazyTalk Animator is a revolutionary animation suite with all the necessary tools to easily create pro-level animation. CrazyTalk Animator's stage is a 3D layered 2D studio where you can drag and drop actors, props, scenery and images or video directly to the stage for scene setup. Create actors from any photo or illustration and CrazyTalk Animator's innovative Actor Creator wizard. Bring actors to life with automatic facial animation & innovative puppeteering motion. Drag & drop to build sets with scenery and props. Film and direct all the action with camera & time-line tracks for complete 2D animation.

What's new in this version: Verion 1.11 includes the following improvements:

  • Support for Virtual Machine on Mac.
  • Supersampling in export function. (elimination of jagged/pixelated edges)

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