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Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

Nintendo Downloads for August 28, 2011

Nintendo Downloads Weekly Update
Ok, let’s be honest with ourselves here. We’re all just biding our time until next week. That’s because the next Nintendo Download will be September 1, 2011, the day the first batch of free NES downloadables will be made available for all members of the 3DS Ambassador program. So honestly, I doubt anyone is particularly enthralled by this week’s offerings of ports and lackluster DSiWare. Actually, Magical Whip (DSiWare) could have potential, and The Ignition Factor (Virtual Console) would be appealing if it didn’t cost $8.

In case you’re curious, there’s also one pretty interesting Nintendo Video to check out and a new WiiWare demo. You can now watch the Blue Man Group video “Upgrade Your Life” for free on your 3DS and try out the shoot’em up Kyotokei before paying $5 for it.

Gamertell’s Nintendo Download picks for the week are Magical Whip (DSiWare) and The Ignition Factor (Virtual Console).

Gargoyle's Quest

3DS eShop

Gargoyle’s Quest
Price: $3.99
Originally Appeared On: Game Boy
Genre: Action
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: Destroyers are attempting to wipe out everyone living in the Ghoul Realm, and the only hope of salvation is Firebrand the gargoyle. If he makes it through the levels, he can become the Red Blaze and face off against the invading King Breager.



The Ignition Factor SNES

Virtual Console

The Ignition Factor
Price: 800 Nintendo Points / $8
Originally Appeared On: SNES
Genre: Simulation and Action RPG
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: This is an interesting game that combines action RPG and simuylation elements, where you have to help a firefighter get through missions. In each one, there’s a time limit as to how long you can be in a building, and you have a quota of how many people you have to rescue to succeed.

Magical Whip The Wizards of Phantasmal Forest DSiWare


(Note: All DSiWare can also be played on the 3DS.)

Price: 200 Nintendo Points / $1.99
Description: It’s a calculator, with basic and scientific functions.

Let’s Create! Pottery
Price: 500 Nintendo Points / $4.99
Genre: Simulation
ESRB Rating:Everyone
Players: 1
Description: A game that lets you make virtual pottery.

Magical Whip: Wizards of Phantasmal Forest
Price: 200 Nintendo Points / $1.99
Genre: Action
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: Ok, so since this game looks interesting you’ll get more than a one sentence description. Two witches are trapped in the Phantasmal Forest and must use magical whips to defeat the enemies and escape. However, the whips start out weak and you must initiate combos if you want to have any hope of defeating the stronger enemies that lie ahead.

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