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Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Proteksi Koneksi Internet Anda dengan NetCut Defender 2.1.4

Description of NetCut Defender 2.1.4


Protect your Internet connection speed if affected by NetCut's NetCut Defender 100% guaranteed success protect you away from's netcut cut off. It's a free tool offered by to keep your network's (including WIFI) internet speed super fast. protect your PC from ARP spoofing attack. typically arp spoofing from NetCut (which is another 10 years age product of same company from
It also come with a internet speed testing check . a Mac address Brand checker.

Key features

• 100% guaranteed internet connection speed stay fast.
• Protect all your network connections including WIFI in one place.
• No setup configuration required.
• Zero network knowledge required.
• Install / run and forget about it.
• Easy to use
• Automatically protect all network of your PC away from Netcut cut off or any other ARP spoofing.
• Fast, Ensure Internet Gateway address spoof proof.
• Safe, worry free. 24x7 running automatically.
• No need configuration. no network knowledge required. no need to know any thing about your network. just run and enjoy the safe network.

NetCut Defender video preview

What is new in version 2.1.4

Supports Real time view of "who cut me",
Supports change gateway/cha

Download now 4.70MB

password :